Trailing of the Sheep

All dancers in good attendance standing (70% or above) are invited and welcomed to join the caravan to Trailing of the Sheep.  Here's our timeline:

  • meet at the Basque Center Friday afternoon (TBA) and carpool up to Hailey, Idaho.
  • Please let Lael know if you are able to drive.  You will be reimbursed for gas both ways.
  • perform at Roberta McKercher park during the Folklife Fair.  Exact performance times TBA, but the Folklife Fair runs from 11-4pm.
  • After the performance, enjoy our afternoon until we meet for a group dinner.  
  • head back to our condominium(s), hang out, play games/karaoke, and sleep there.  
  • Get up Sunday morning, march in the parade in Ketchum at 10am.  
  • After the parade, each lunch together as a group .
  • On the way back home, we stop to cut willows for arku's, then head back to Boise.
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Keep in mind, there will will be no Oinkari practice for anyone (New Kids or regular dancers) on Sunday, October 15th.


The Festival generously provides free lodging for Oinkari's, usually in the form of a few condos for us to stay in at the same complex.  Lodging CAN change year to year depending on capacity, but information will be provided ahead of time for dancers.

Here's where we stayed last year:

740 Red Ash Drive, F2, F3 & F4, Hailey, Idaho

DIRECTIONS: At the south edge of Hailey, turn East at the signal light toward the high school, into Woodside. Turn south on Woodside Blvd. Travel south until you see a big sports complex to the East, Copper Ranch about a mile. The condos are on the West side just across from Copper Ranch.

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photo by Cydney Conger