Oinkari Update

Winter Break
We will not have Oinkari practice again until Sunday, January 13th where EVERYONE (including New Kids) will begin practice at 1pm.  1/13 is our only practice before Caldwell Sheepherder's, so make sure you attend this practice if you want to get put in dances.

Need 2 dancers (1 boy, 1 girl) for Aurresku Performance in Chicago wedding in April
We have received a request to send 1 boy and 1 girl to perform Aurresku and a Jota at a wedding in Chicago on Friday, April 26th.  Your airfare and lodging will be paid, and possibly some meals.  Contact Lael (lael@oinkari.org) by no later than Saturday, January 12th if you know Aurresku and are interested. If we have several folks interested, we will have tryouts.

Other upcoming Oinkari events: 
  • NO practice 12/30, 1/6, or Superbowl Sunday (2/3)
  • Caldwell Sheepherder's is Saturday, January 19th (mark your calendars now)
  • NABO Winter Meeting is 2/2 in Salt Lake City (see http://nabasque.org/Pages/Meeting.htm for more info)
  • Oinkari Bingo Night is 2/16 (each dancer will be required to bring 2 bingo prizes - start collecting now!!!)