Oinkari Bingo Night 2014

Oinkari Basque Dancers and Oinkari Alumni (retired dancers) host the February Valentine's Monthly dinner and Bingo night every year.  We help the Basque Center out by running food and helping set up, and Oinkari's keep the money from Bingo card sales.  Invite your friends and family to play Bingo starting after dinner on Saturday, February 21nd, 2015.

Responsibility #1 - Bingo Prizes turned in the Sunday before the event
At practice on Sunday (2/15), everyone needs to turn in their 2 Bingo prizes, each worth approximately $25 ($50 in prizes total).  We do NOT expect you to go out and spend $50 on random stuff.  Get donations from businesses, get help from parents in putting together a classy gift basket, etc. We are a non-profit, and area businesses always donate a portion of their yearly budget, so now's your chance! If you're going to ask businesses, ask them NOW so there's time for them to put the request through to their managers or their corporate office.  If you wait until the last minute, you probably won't get much.

See below for a sample donation letter that you can download as a Word document, edit to match your name and businesses, and print out if you need to.

Bingo Solicitation Letter - example 

Responsibility #2 - Bingo Shifts the night of the event
Every Oinkari is in charge of signing up for one shift that night selling tickets or helping with prizes.  The shifts are pretty short (a couple hours) and you only have to work one, plus you get to hang with Oinkari friends! Stay tuned and check your Oinkari Update emails for details about how to sign up for a shift.