Meet the New Kids!

Laura Pape 
9th grader at Hillside Junior High. Outside of Oinkari's, I enjoy playing lacrosse and the violin. 
Favorite dance: Matelota

Adriana Berriochoa
Goes to Bishop Kelly High School
Favorite dance: Uztai Txiki

Kristiane Bizkarra 
Goes to Boise State (College of Social Sciences.) 
Favorite dance: Gorulari 

Andoni Bieter 
Goes to North Junior High School 
Favorite Dance: Sagar Dantza

Joey Haas
Attends Mountain View High School where is is involved in vocal music and acting. He has been in Basque dancing for ten years. He loves Legos, Star Wars, Disneyland, and playing his drum set.

Leire Altube
I go to Capital High School and one of my favorite dances is Ikurrina because of the meaning of the dance. it is really touching for me when the Ikurrina is being waved and everybody starts clapping and screaming and doing irrintzis.

Toni Sabarots

I own Les Enfants and Los Ninos de Seattle. 
Favorite dance: Arku

Jasmine Mendiguren
Goes to Cole Valley 
Favorite dance: Arku

Gav Shapiro 
Goes to North Junior High 
Favorite dance: Txankarreku 

Andoni Odencrantz 
Goes to Bishop Kelly High School 
Favorite dance: Sagar Dantza

Sadie Heartman
I am in 8th grade at Anser Charter School, I am the youngest in Oinkari's. Favorite dance: Arku

Mackay Fitzgerald
Goes to Hillside Junior High
Favorite dance: Arku

Gunnar Kuehl
Goes to Capital High School
Favorite dance: Arku

Francis Tullis
Goes to Hillside Junior High
Favorite dance: Ikurrina