Ongi Etorri (Welcome)

2nd Annual Oinkari Old Timers Day
Basque Center of Boise
October 23, 2016
3 PM
Calling all alumni!
Join the Oinkari Basque Dancers for an afternoon of practice-just like the good old days!  Get up on those toes for a Jota, snap a kick right over your head for Zortziko, call out what you're selling in Matelota...whatever you fancy, we can dance it together. 
If your shoes are "missing," feel free to come watch and have a refreshment afterward.  You can still get your attendance points.
Help spread the word by calling your cousins, telling your old bus mates, and talking about it over family dinner.  We want to see everyone there!
Start stretching...come and show us how it's done!

Old Timers Day 2015-our first one!

Our Mission
Through the art of traditional Basque dance, we, the Oinkari Basque Dancers of Boise, Idaho, share our culture with our local and global community while continuing to preserve our unique heritage for future generations.