Donations & Grants


In kind & Memorial Donations

Hundreds of Idaho Basques have participated in Oinkari at some point in their lives, and when a retired Oinkari dancer passes away, families and friends may choose to honor their loved one's memory with a memorial donation to Oinkari.  We gratefully accept memorial donations via check mailed to our P.O. Box or by clicking the Donate button below.



The Basque Government of Euskadi (the union of Araba, Bizkaia & Gipuzkoa) has made a concentrated effort to reach out and assist Diaspora Basques with various programs.  Oinkari's most recent grant awards have helped fund our 2011 Basque Country trip, and paid for the implementation of Gipuzkoan costumes for specific regional dances that Oinkari performs.  We are also open to US-based and regional grants, so if you know of a grant that would be a good match for Oinkari, please let us know!