marie monasterio luper, president

As President, Marie is responsible for the administration of Oinkari business affairs, booking performances, arranging travel, and maintaining community relations.  She conducts board meetings, serves as official representative and first point of contact for Oinkari, and is one of the group's two NABO delegates.  Outside of Oinkari, Marie works as a medical scribe at Idaho Arthritis Center.  This is her 10th year in the group, and she has previously served on the Board as Public Relations Chair and Social Liason.  She enjoys the outdoors, most notably hiking and skiing.  Besides Oinkari family, she also enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. 

Favorite Dance:  Zinta


alex wray, Vice-President

As VP, Alex is responsible for all financial aspects of Oinkari. He maintains banking information and coordinates donations to the group, heads up Oinkari fundraising events, and ensures each event is well-attended by the current dancers. Alex also reserves travel and hotel accommodations for Oinkari trips and serves as one of the group's two N.A.B.O. delegates. Outside of Oinkari Alex enjoys playing pandero (tambourine) in Txantxangorriak as well as serving as an assistant rugby coach at Capital High School.  Alex graduated from the University of Notre Dame and is currently employed in the business development division of The J.R. Simplot Co. AgriBusiness Group. 

Favorite Dance: Oñati


justin aman, Secretary

As Secretary of Oinkari, Justin is responsible for tracking attendance of members,  taking notes and minutes at meetings, and keeping the members contact information up to date. He has been in the group for 3 years. Along with dancing, Justin enjoys Basque sports and is an accomplished handball player. Justin graduated from Boise State University and currently works as the agricultural appraiser for the Ada County Assessors Office. 

Favorite Dance: Lesaka


Jaclyn lasuen, Women's Dance Director

Oinkari Dance Directors work together to plan and organize practices and performances. Jaclyn and Ben teach steps and dances, paying close attention to historical and traditional accuracy. Jaclyn also works closely with the group’s women to teach and perform our all-female dances. In addition, she ensures the accuracy of women’s costuming. This is Jaclyn’s 11 year in Oinkaris, and first year as Women’s Director. She has previously served on the board as Social Liaison and Public Relations Director. When not dancing with Oinkaris, Jaclyn is a Board Member of the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, as well as a dance instructor for Nagusiak of Boiseko Gazteak. She teaches high school Spanish.

Favorite dance: Jota Barri


Ben Monasterio, Men's Dance Director

As Men’s Dance Director, Ben is responsible for teaching steps and dances.  He is in charge of upholding the historical accuracy of all Oinkari dances.  Along with the Women’s Dance Director, Ben is in charge of planning practices, leading drills and organizing dancers for every performance.  Ben is also responsible for fitting and acquiring men’s costumes.  He has been in Oinkaris for 12 years, and has previously served as Sergeant-at-arms and Secretary.  Outside of Oinkari, Ben works as a diesel technician at Heritage Auto Repair and enjoys spending time with his family. 

Favorite Dance: Belauntxingoa


Madalen Bieter Lete, Public Relations

As Public Relations Chair, Madalen maintains the Oinkari website, all social media accounts, creates promotional material, and is the first contact for communication between Oinkaris and the public, including our Alumni.  Madalen has been in the group for 9 years and had previously acted on the board as Secretary and Social Liason. She is a recent graduate of Boise State University where she hosted Boiseko Taupada, a Basque music radio show in Euskara. She will go on to study Physical Therapy next fall.
Favorite Dance: Zinta


Isana Urquidi & Andoni Bieter, Social Liason

Together, Isana and Andoni have been in the group 14 years (Isana 10 & Andoni 4)! Isana is excited to join Andoni for his second year and her first year on the board. They plan parties and fun events to help integrate new kids into the group and help bring everyone closer together! Isana graduated from Gonzaga and is now a nurse at St. Luke's hospital. She also plays the triki with Txantxan Gorriak, a Basque music group in Boise. Andoni will graduate from Boise High School this May and will soon be a college kid. He plays in the handball league and likes to play basketball, football, and baseball. Isana's favorite part about the group is the summer festival season and travelling to different towns and enjoying the festivities with all her friends. Andoni's favorite event is the Thanksgiving Day Oinkari Turkey Bowl and Oinkari Olympics!

Favorite dance: Andoni-Sagar & Isana- Uztai Haundi



Andoni Odencrantz, Sargeant-at-Arms

Andoni is the strongest Oinkari, and therefore the Sergeant-at-arms.  He is the best at carrying things long distances, fixing things that are broken, and getting new things when we break too much of the old stuff.  His strength comes from excelling at sports games, dancing like no one is watching, and being pretty.  He has been in the group for 4 years, and served on the Board last year as Social Liason.  Andoni will graduate from Bishop Kelly High School in May. 

Favorite Dance: Matelota