Jill Kaltenecker, president

As President, Jill is responsible for the administration of Oinkari business affairs, booking performances, arranging travel, and maintaining community relations. She is the official representative and first point of contact for the group as well as one of the group’s two N.A.B.O. delegates. This is Jill’s eleventh year in the group and she has previously served on the board as the Public Relations Director. Outside of Oinkaris, Jill works as a registered nurse. She is excited to welcome all incoming Oinkaris this year and lead the group through this big Jaialdi year.

Favorite Dance: Jota Barri

Isana 4.jpg

Isana Urquidi, Vice President

Isana was born and raised on a small farm in Nampa, went to college in Washington, and is now living in Boise where she works as a nurse. This will be Isana’s twelfth year in the group and third year on the board. Previously she was social liaison and loved every second, but she is now entering her second year as vice president. She is very excited to continue in this role. Isana loves everything that comes with being in the group, including amazing trips with some of her closest friends and getting to spread her culture through dance. She is excited to see what this Jaialdi year will bring!

Favorite Dance: Uztai Haundi

Mikel 2.png

Mikel Sangroniz, Secretary

Mikel was born and raised in Boise, went to school at Cal Poly, and is currently working as an engineer at Keller Associates in Meridian, ID. This is his tenth year in the Oinkaris and has been dancing even longer. As the secretary of the group, some of his responsibilities include keeping track of group attendance, recording minutes during board meetings, and ensuring that all group documents remain up to date. He is excited to welcome in new Oinkaris this year and keep the tradition of dance alive within the community.

Favorite Dance: Bizkaiko Makil


Amaya Monasterio, Women's Dance Director

Oinkari Dance Directors work together to plan and organize practices and performances. Amaya and Ben teach steps and dances, paying close attention to historical and traditional accuracy. Amaya also instructs the group’s women to teach and perform our all-female dances. In addition, she ensures the accuracy of women’s costuming. This is Amaya's 11th year in Oinkaris and third time as Dance Director. She has also previously served on the board as Sergeant-at-arms. Outside of Oinkaris, Amaya works as a registered nurse and enjoys being with her family.

Favorite Dance: Arratiako Jota


Ben Monasterio, Men's Dance Director

As Men’s Dance Director, Ben is responsible for teaching steps and dances. He is in charge of upholding the historical accuracy of all Oinkari dances. Along with the Women’s Dance Director, Ben is in charge of planning practices, leading drills and organizing dancers for every performance. Ben is also responsible for fitting and acquiring men’s costumes. He has been in Oinkaris for 14 years and is going on his 8th year as Men's Dance Director. Ben has also previously served as Sergeant-at-arms and Secretary. Outside of Oinkari, Ben works as a diesel technician at Heritage Auto Repair and enjoys spending time with his family.

Favorite Dance: Belauntxingoa


Jaclyn lasuen, Public Relations Director

Hailing from Mountain Home, Jaclyn started Oinkaris in high school and is elated to continue as a member of the board as an adult. Our Public Relations Director serves as first point of contact to the general public, curator of all official social media and the Oinkari website, representative to our vast Alumni network, and creator of promotional materials. This is Jaclyn's thirteenth year in the group, and she has previously served on the board as Social Liaison, Women's Dance Director, and Public Relations Chair. Jaclyn also serves on the Basque Museum and Cultural Center Board and teaches Boiseko Gazteak dancers. She is a high school Spanish teacher.

Favorite Dance: Matelota


Kristina franzoia, Social LIAISON

Born and raised in Elko, Nevada Kristina moved to Boise for college. This is her seventh year in Oinkaris and first year on the board. She has been dancing since age four with the Elko Arinak dancers before joining Oinkaris. She is worldly, speaking two (and a half!) languages and having lived in the Basque Country and Brazil. She loves to travel far and wide on her way through life bringing happiness to others. She is our social butterfly, known for making friends wherever she goes and her world renowned hugs. She is also a member of Txantxangorriak and the Biotzetik Basque Choir.

Favorite Dance: Lapurdiko Makil



Missy Singer, Committee Coordinator

Our pioneer Committe Coordinator, Missy will serve primarily as the main fundraising delegate of the president, vice president, and director of public relations. She is responsible for forming and managing any committees necessary to carry out fundraising events, including shift signups and event logistics. Missy has been a part of Oinkaris for three years, and this is her first year on the board. A part from dancing and coordinating, Missy is a black belt in Taekwondo, and works as a registered nurse.

Favorite Dance: Lapurdiko Makil


Alex wray, SERGEANT-at-Arms

As Sergeant at Arms, Alex is responsible for maintenance and coordination of the groups equipment. His duties include ensuring all equipment is in working condition, properly stored, and transported to all performances efficiently, as well as coordinating with Dance Directors on new equipment needs as we expand our repertoire. Alex also enjoys playing pandero (tambourine) in the Oinkari Musicians. Outside of Oinkari, Alex also plays pala with the Boiseko Fronton Association. Alex graduated from the University of Notre Dame and is currently employed as a Team Lead in the client services department at Clearwater Analytics.

Favorite Dance: Lesaka